Madison Consolidated Schools is committed to strategic development of curriculum from PreK through Grade 14.  Students will be challenged academically, with a minimum goal to meet state standards and the striving goal to exceed state standards at every opportunity.  Working closely with all faculty and using data-driven decision processes, curriculum is explored and developed in ways to enhance learning districtwide.  From problem solving and critical thinking opportunities to developing close reading and argumentative writing strategies, all are intentionally designed to encourage students to see a challenge and seek a solution from many perspectives.

Curricular alignment at Madison Consolidated Schools is strategic from our preschool through Grade 14.  It not only challenges students to learn the necessary subject matter, it encourages them to explore and determine ways of learning which are meaningful and long-term in nature.

Our goal is to create environments where students are excited to come to school each day, develop a curiosity and foundation for college and career readiness, and instill a passion for life-long learning.

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