Student Choice Creates Opportunities

Providing additional student choice creates opportunities for greater student engagement, provides relevance to learning and future career interest exploration. We continue to focus on and expand curriculum in the Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, Medical, and Entrepreneurial course pathways!

Some examples of the courses within the career pathway opportunity include:
  • Engineering/Manufacturing - PLTW Engineering Design and Modeling (7th and 8th), PLTW Energy and the Environment (7th and 8th), Introduction to Construction (8th grade), Cub Manufacturing (11th-12th, application process).
  • Medical Sciences - PLTW Biomedical courses -PLTW Medical Detectives (7th and 8th),  Principles of Biomedical Science (HS level 1), Human Body Systems (HS level 2), Medical Interventions (HS level 3); HOSA (health care professionals of the future) chapter founded in 2015-2016.
  • Entrepreneurial - The Fine Arts Academy - Visual Arts and Creative Dramatics (middle grades), AP Music Theory, Dual Credit Music Appreciation, AP Art Studio, AP Art History, Piano, Dance Choreography, Intro to Theatre, Technical Theatre, Advanced Theatre.
  • Entrepreneurial - Agriculture - Leadership in Action, Dual Credit Food Science, Dual Credit Animal Science, Dual Credit Advanced Life Sciences Animals.
  • Entrepreneurial - Computer Science and Technology - Science of Technology (6th grade), Digital Citizenship (7th grade), Computer Coding and Web Design (8th grade), Financial Literacy (8th grade), and PLTW Computer Coding (9th-12th).
Please be sure to visit the MJHS and MCHS sites and review the detailed Course Curriculum guides available online for the most up to date information.
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