Food Service

During the 2015-16 school year, Madison Consolidated Schools made several transformations in the food service offerings available to our students.  

First, a farm to table approach was adopted and a partnership formed with a local farming family to provide fresh, seasonal vegetables as part of our lunch menu throughout our district.  This initiative accompanied our commitment to focus on homemade food using fresh ingredients and whole grains as a way to provide a flavorful, nutritional meals each day.
Next was the availability of free snacks for our students.  Preschool and elementary students are offered a free healthy daytime snack in their classroom each day.  While students at MJHS and MCHS have snacks available in the cafeteria for student pick-up at the end of each school day.  Snacks for secondary students may include sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, etc. and food prepared and not served during the current day lunch period will be given to students free of charge. 

We continue to offer free breakfast for all students each morning as they arrive to start their school day.

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