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Madison Consolidated Schools: eLearning Innovations

Student learning is at the heart of our eLearning program initiatives. Madison Consolidated Schools has been supporting systemic change initiatives that focus on student learning and growth, educator effectiveness, college and career readiness, and school improvement. Our corporation has made a significant investment in technology and we are beginning to see teachers and students create an ecosystem for information age learning in their classrooms. We believe that utilizing technology, providing access and mobility to 21st century resources, and allowing teachers to learn & grow in these opportunities will bring us closer to our goals and allow us to educate all students to reach their potential.

Madison Consolidated Schools is committed to student growth and learning through innovative educational practices. Five key principles in our district strategic plan include:

1. Student Performance
2. Community Involvement
3. Human Capital
4. Environment
5. Local/Global Marketplace

For more information on the state eLearning initiative please visit: http://www.doe.in.gov/elearning

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