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MCS Assessment Programs Description

Madison Consolidated Schools receives federal funds for education programs that are part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended (2015).

This law requires that all States adopt challenging academic standards and tests based on those standards. There must be at least three levels of scores for students who take these tests. This includes tests in mathematics, reading or language arts, science, and any other subject chosen by the State. States are required to develop English language proficiency tests for students who are English learners. Proficiency in a language is a measure of a person’s ability to understand and communicate in that language or in a person’s preferred mode of communication. Furthermore, States must develop alternate tests for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. A school district may also request State approval to use a locally selected test for high school students that is different from the State test.

These academic tests provide important information that helps teachers, schools, school districts, and states identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Test results and other information are used to improve academic and language instruction for students. These tests are also used to identify schools that may be in need of extra support to improve student achievement. It is the goal of the district to have all students participate in state and local testing.  

Madison Consolidated Schools Assessment List:


Grade(s): 3-8


Grade(s): 2-3

PSAT (9-11)

Grade(s): 9-11


Grade(s): 11

AP Exam(s)

Grade(s): 9-12

ACP Exam(s)

Grade(s): 9-12


Grade(s): K-12


Grade(s): K-8 

DIBELS/Dyslexia Screener

Grade(s): K-2

ECA(s)/Final(s) Per Course

Grade(s): 6-12

CogAT High Ability

Grade(s): K, 2, 5, 8


Grade(s): 3-8, 10

MCS Testing Procedure Letter to Parents

MCS Assessment Distribution Procedure

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