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Anderson Student Services Team

Our team is dedicated to individualized student care and all-around student success and family support.  

Our team has a collective set of skills that enable them to work together to provide:Madison Nurse Services 1
      - a healthy environment for social and emotional growth,
      - leadership exploration and development,
      - individual and group discussion opportunities, and
      - conflict resolution guidance, as opportunities arise.

If you would like to contact your student's counselor or any of our Student Services team, simply click on their name to send an email or call using the numbers below.


Dosha Harrell, Social Worker
812-273-8528 ext. 155

Ashley Martinez, Cares Team Member
812-273-8528 ext. 273

Lynn Neal, Main Office
Administrative Clerk

Alicia Ricketts, Main Office
Administrative Clerk


Rebecca Croxton, RN
812-273-8528 ext. 157

Officer Monica Lohrig
School Resource Officer

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