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School Counseling and Student Services Team

The MJHS Counseling and Student Services Team is dedicated to individualized student care and consultation for academic and all-around student and family support.  The Counseling Team offers a number of services and events for students and their families through their active community outreach efforts.  Please check back here often to see what's happening!

Our team has a collective set of skills that enable them to work together to provide a healthy environment for growth, leadership development, individual and group discussion opportunities, and conflict resolution as opportunities arise.  Together, this counseling team provides academic guidance, exploration of college and career pathways,  and create an environment for purposeful discussion and focused planning to begin a foundation for success.

In case you missed it:  High School 101
MJHS Counselors discussed diploma types, career pathways, and college planning options at a meeting with 7th and 8th-grade families.  Click the link above to view the presentation shared.
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