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Clubs and Activities

21st Century After School Tutoring Program

21st Century After School Tutoring Program is a partnership with Lide White Boys & Girls Club.

Free after school tutoring is available for all students of Anderson Elementary School. Students are usually recommended by teachers or signed up by their parents, if the student needs assistance. There are no formal requirements, any student attending Anderson may participate regardless of their grades. Tutors are organized according to grade level. There are approximately three tutors per level for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 and focus on students in their assigned group grade.

For additional information, please contact the main office.

Girls on the Run

As part of the Girls on the Run with King’s Daughters’ Health, this program is specifically geared for girls in Grades 3 through 5. This is an afterschool program focusing on creating strong, healthy young women by helping to educate them on positive emotional, mental, and physical life aspects and celebrating everything that makes them unique.

Math Bowl

The Math Bowl team is coached by building teachers and focuses on mastering grade appropriate math and problem solving skills.  Students are encouraged to work a wide variety of problems in preparation for local and regional competitions.  As with Spell Bowl, the Math Bowl teams are a great introduction to the competitive academic team environment where students are pushed to study independently, outside of class time to achieve excellence in mathematics.

Red Cross Club

Red Cross Club is a leadership opportunity at E.O. Muncie for students in Grades 3 through 5. Red Cross Club students are very active in service related projects within the school and throughout the community. Past activities have included blood drives, can food drives, and bell ringing with the Salvation Army.

The Red Cross Club meets periodically during their lunch time with their sponsor, Mrs. Mahoney.

Running Club

Our running club is available to students of all ages who are interested in training for The Annual Molly Dattilo 5k Run Walk and Elementary Races.  Held each year in May, local volunteer coaches, parents, and teachers help train students to compete in either a mile dash or the 5K run.  Our school is always well represented and this is a great way to get active with your friends for a great cause!

Spell Bowl

File 000 14We have a Primary Spell Bowl team for students in Grades 2 and 3 and an Intermediate Spell Bowl team for students in Grades 4 and 5. Each team is coached by building teachers and focuses on mastering grade appropriate spelling lists consisting of hundreds of words. Students are given a practice list, try-out, and are selected for the team based on their accuracy.

If chosen for the team, students can count on lots of extra time after school (both on-site and homework type practice) to practice in preparation for local and regional competitions. Our Spell Bowl teams are very competitive and the students really enjoy the camaraderie the experience provides and is a great introduction to academic teams.

Elementary Basketball League

The elementary basketball league begins in November and runs through December each year.  Participation is available to students in Grades K through 5.  This is an umbrella program of the PTO, please contact the main office for additional information.
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