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School Counseling and Student Services

The MJHS Counseling and Student Services Team is dedicated to individualized student care and consultation for academic and all-around student success and family support.  Learn more about our CARES Team and our commitment to Social Emotional Learning.

Our team has a collective set of skills that enable them to work together to provide:
      - a healthy environment for social and emotional growth,
      - leadership exploration and development,
      - individual and group discussion opportunities, and
      - conflict resolution guidance, as opportunities arise.  

As a team, we pride ourselves on providing academic guidance, exploration of college and career pathways,  and creates an environment for purposeful discussion and focused planning to begin a foundation for success.  Visit the MCS Student Services Wellness Resource Library for additional resources.

MJHS School Counselors:

Tina Hamilton, CARES Team Counselor
Grades 5 and 6 

Betsy Sullivan, CARES Team Counselor
Grades 7 & 8

Christopher Fisher, CARES Team Social Worker
812-274-8003 - ext. 223

Jessica Hodge, CARES Team Member

Beth Paden, Administrative Clerk

Madison Image