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Mission and Vision Statement

Our goal is to create engaging environments where students are challenged academically, creatively, and athletically.

We inspire success through exploration of differentiated learning models, boost confidence through critical thinking and problem-solving, and encourage collaborative learning teamwork.  MCHS offers rigorous academic curriculum for all students, regardless of where life may take them after high school.

We strive to understand each student's interests and passions as a way to help guide them through the academic process.  We feel this not only helps students succeed in the classroom but also helps them to develop and emerge as well-rounded, responsible young adults within our community.  We encourage service to others, leadership within and outside of our building, and an environment of mutual respect.

We are data driven with our decisions, student focused on curriculum and implement opportunities and environments where students can thrive and explore the use of technology and collaborative learning in order to develop necessary skills for further academic pursuit or employment opportunities following graduation.
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