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Indiana College Core (formerly STGEC)

Would you like to know how we can help you save an estimated $20,000 in college expenses? 

What is the Indiana College Core (formerly STGEC)?
The Senate Enrolled Act 182 (2012) initiated the Statewide Transfer General Education Core (TGEC). The transfer core is a minimum of 30 college credit hours in 6 competency areas. A student who satisfactorily completes coursework to meet the core transfer requirements can transfer their block of 30 or more credits toward the general education core requirements at any state education institution. This is equivalent to the first year of a college education.  

Madison Consolidated Schools has strategically aligned resources with Ivy Tech Community College in order to provide high school students dual credit/enrollment offerings.  As a result of our dual enrollment program, Madison Consolidated High School students will have the opportunity to meet the TGEC requirements upon graduation and complete the first year of college while enrolled in high school.  If a student successfully completes the TGEC, it is an estimated cost savings of $20,000 in college expenses per student for the family.

For additional information or to learn how you can get started, please contact your school counselor in the Student Services office.

We will post updated information and resources regarding the Indiana College Core program.  Please be sure to check back often!

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See what our student are saying about the Indiana College Core opportunity in this student Information video!
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