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Transportation Tid-Bits - an update

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Cubs and Cub Families!

Welcome back! The faculty, staff, and administration are excited about continuing onto the next leg of your life journey. Much thinking and discussion have gone into the planning of this coming school year. We have our sights on what the future can hold for you and our attention on how to help you make that happen. Each day is a step closer to achieving the goal. Here at MCHS, our goal is not simply graduating, but preparing for the world beyond this leg of your journey. It is our hope that you will be thoroughly prepared to target, pursue, and accomplish that which will make your life meaningful, joyful, and complete.


One element we are adding this year to assist in obtaining our goal is Cub Pride. This will be a twenty (20) minute period. This will be a homeroom-structured class. Students will have the same teacher for this period all year. This time will be utilized to meet the needs of the students: grade checks, attendance checks, and various other focuses that often lead to students slipping through the cracks. This will provide another adult students may depend on should the need arise.

In order to create the time for Cub Pride without shortening any of the instruction time for the other periods of the day, the school day has been extended to 3:20. In the recent past, the final bell has been at 3:05; however, the buses did not arrive at the school until 3:20. This had students idle and waiting for fifteen (15) minutes each day. We decided to start school five (5) minutes earlier (8:00 instead of 8:05) and utilize the latent fifteen (15) minutes to provide the time necessary for Cub Pride.

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